Il Baricentro is the biggest wholesale trade centre in Europe, placed near Casamassima city, eastwards of S.S. 100, and it is well linked up with Bari, capital of Apulia Region.

The Centre, for wholesalers and retailers, gives a really wide choice and a good relationship between price and quality. There are enterprises which work in all the merchandise sectors: from clothes to shoes, from complements for furnitures to underwear, from hotellerie to fresh flowers… in every field, the demand meets the offer with experience and professionalism.


The trading centre is completed with a series of facilities for the clients: Hotel, Refreshment places, Tobacco shop, Newsstand, wide car parks and an streamlined security service.


The Centre, opened in 1987, is born as an answer to a series of unsolved problems of the town centre, respecting the merchant vocation of Bari, open door towards East, North Africa and East Europe. The BARICENTRO is a great project realized by Giuseppe Degennaro, local member of the Italian parliament, with a long experience in the city planning and in the industrial building.


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From Monday to Friday from 9,00 a.m. up to 6 p.m. Sunday from 9 a.m. up to 1 p.m.